Critical Thinking

When students have autonomy over how they show their understanding, the time spent preparing a project is focused, driven, and deeply thoughtful. Intrinsic motivation develops authentic problem solving, independent application of skills, and some really brilliant products.


In the innovation economy, those who can find novel solutions to complex problems will bring the most value to their organization. We don’t have to trade academic rigor for student preferences but we must strike a balance between work and play because creative acts require grueling perseverance.


With access to creative tools, the production studio, and a broadcast tower all on a device seldom out of reach, evaluating which combination of mediums most effectively share the ideas requires students to think about communication at an exponentially greater depth.


Each and every one of us has our own unique talents. Turning the tension of conflicting visions into generative contributions takes a transformative environment, passionate creators, and empathetic listening. A classroom predicated on collaborative cognition lets us learn as a unit, trading individual breadth for collective depth.